Great Leaders Are Made, Not Born

Effective leadership requires dedication, introspection, and meticulous planning. At Hamilton & Associates, we provide customized executive coaching for entrepreneurs, top-level corporate executives, and mid-level associates in all industries, tailored to your specific work style and designed to help you achieve your short-and long-term leadership goals.

As a top-level executive for more than 30 years, Hamilton & Associates CEO, Theresa Hamilton has experienced firsthand the challenges that come with leadership. It’s this personal insight and understanding she brings to every coaching engagement – helping you to identify the tools and traits that can make you more effective, more engaged, and ultimately more fulfilled.

“I believe that becoming a true leader is far more than a process or program. It’s a journey of self-discovery and awareness. One shaped by inspiration, yet grounded in reality.”

A Journey of Discovery and Growth

Reflection & Realization

Together through dialogue and self-guided exercises, we will set a baseline for growth. You’ll be able to establish your strengths, identify areas of improvement, and clarify your goals and objectives.


Outside Perspective

Interviewing team members and key stakeholders will provide an unfiltered view of your leadership presence. We’ll summarize and map their input against your self-assessment to develop a clear picture of where you stand and what steps you can take to improve your performance, realize your goals, and fulfill your potential.

Direction & Aspiration

Together we’ll create an action plan with specific metrics to chart your success. Once your goals have been achieved, we’ll set our sights on what comes next. What new horizons do you want to reach? What new challenges would you like to conquer?


Building Our Relationship

By connecting in person, we will customize our time together based on your situation and schedule. A typical coaching engagement includes two in-person sessions per month. Ideally, these would be held on-site to help gain context of your environment and the dynamics at play “on the ground.”

Theresa Hamilton photo outdoors

About Theresa Hamilton

Theresa “Terri” Hamilton has spent more than 30 years in executive leadership positions, including fifteen years as Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of a regional healthcare system; five years as a Chief Executive and Vice President of a for-profit hospital; and twelve years in high-tech publishing as a Publisher and Vice President. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Emmanuel College, Boston, Massachusetts, and a Master of Science in Health Administration from Simmons University, Boston. Terri is also a Board Certified Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Adding to her years of experience in key leadership positions including mentoring and coaching many professionals, Terri has adopted best practice guidelines for Hamilton & Associates with the formation of an Advisory Council. The members of the Council are leaders and business professionals with specialized knowledge and expertise. Hamilton & Associates benefits from their expertise, guidance, and business insights.

A leader is honest, trustworthy and always eager to know the truth, even when it’s tough. But most of all, they’re fully present – listening, engaging, encouraging.”

Theresa Hamilton

My challenge was to provide the information without the emotion. Thanks to Theresa’s methodical, logical and solution-based approach, I now have a much better understanding on how best to process, prepare and perform.”

Stephanie Lyon

Working with Hamilton & Associates has given me the opportunity to build the structure and framework I’ve been yearning for to perform at a higher level. Terri’s style is unique, and is built off of trust, growth, and authenticity.”

Brodi Nicholas

Terri encourages reflection, communication, and personal development. She has a wonderful ability to make people comfortable in her presence and is an excellent role model, leading by example and role modeling how to leverage personal characteristics for greater success.”

Christine Meister

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Whether you are a top-level executive looking to drive productivity and improve efficiency among staff, or an entrepreneur with a challenging start-up project on your hands, our solution-based business coaching services can help you become the best leader you can be.